World Class Racing Demands World Class Information

Hong Kong features the world's most lucrative horse racing wagering opportunities, and most bets are now available through all major ADWs and simulcast facilities in the US and around the world. Last season, pools in Hong Kong were 40% larger than the entire US combined handle, on just 3% of the races. Field sizes are massive, averaging more than 12 runners per race.

To capture the opportunity, however, you need an edge. ADWs will provide free past performances with only the most bare bones information that offers no meaningful insight. The Hong Kong Jockey Club (HKJC) makes a wealth of information available, but connecting it all in a way that is easy to handicapping can take hours per race.

At Hong Kong Turf, we offer the best information available for Hong Kong Horse Racing, in a familiar and easy to understand format. We put the horse player first, and are always improving and expanding our information with input from our customers.

Once you handicap a card using Hong Kong Turf data, you'll never be able to bet Hong Kong again without it.