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Introduction to Hong Kong Racing: Part 2 - Picking Winners

This is Part 2 of our exclusive introductory guide to Hong Kong racing. Check back soon for more tips and wagering strategies! Class Levels Aside from stakes races and “Griffin” races, Hong Kong racing is conducted almost exclusively across 5 class levels: Class 1 is comprised of the highest rated horses in Hong Kong, while Class 5 is the lowest rated group. The HKJC can revoke the right to race in Hong Kong for non-competitive runners in Class 5. Here are the HKT Speed Figure pars for each class level: Class 1: 98 Class 2: 96 Class 3: 90 (91 for routes) Class 4: 85 Class 5: 80 Class 4 races are the most frequently carded in Hong Kong, and...

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Introduction to Hong Kong Racing: Part 1 - The Basics

New to Racing in Hong Kong? Start here! While the guide below is targeted at those brand new to Hong Kong racing, it will hopefully provide some fresh insights to grizzled veterans among us as well. Disagree or have anything to add? Let us know in the comments. Just as at any racetrack around the globe, the fundamentals of class, speed, pace, and form all apply in Hong Kong. But for a new player drawn to the largest betting pools in the world, an unfamiliar structure and massive field sizes can be overwhelming – in Part 1, let’s start with the fundamentals. Handicaps and Weights The first thing you need to understand about Hong Kong racing is the handicap system....

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