Top 5 Betting Tips For Shatin Races

Racing experts take you behind the scenes to discuss five tips for making profitable bets every day. Check out the advice.

Choose an appropriate race for betting

It is advisable to avoid bigger racing fields as a general rule of thumb particularly over jumps whereby field races don’t make a significant appeal in terms of value. The process of choosing a race may be guesswork and the margins between defeat and victory are infinitesimal. Consider betting in lower grade Shatin races whereby the few contenders are more realistic. It is also easier to increase the price as the contest progresses without the fear of uncertainty. Novice chases are especially profitable while the 3-y-o+ maidens offer perfect opportunities for getting ahead of the market.

Determine the weak link on the chain

The key to finding value in Sha tin race track bets is to wager in underpriced results or those that are close to the market. It could be a horse that has won all the last races on a testing ground but the track condition is drying out. Alternatively, it might be a well-drawn horse against a favorable trail of a previous timeout when winning excellently. Find an edge that others are not aware of but it is not that simple. Surely, all pricing errors are normally ironed out when nearing the off. Thus, it is imperative to spot the weak links and leverage on them.

Consider in-form tiny stables and disregard big names

Names with greater followings are always overbet. These big names plunder most of the top prizes but hardly offer much value at the lower spectrum level. It is better off to identify young and upcoming stables with spectacular strike rates at the earliest stages. Make sure that you’ve found these stables before others do to get decent prices rather than the obvious.

Check prices which are above the fancies

If you see too big a price, ask yourself the possible rationales behind it. After all, betting is all prices. Anyone can tip up favorites and win a 35% over time. But making profits is determined by the entire game. Having your own perspective of the market before you look at the exchange price also goes a long way.

Determine how a race is going to be run

Once you figure out how it will go, ensure that it fits your selection. The shape of the entire race is extremely crucial, more so in over jumps but most people putting up the horses overlook it. your best bet is to gamble Sha tin race results you think a pace duel will be there on the lead and a number of horses striving to dominate. In a soft ground, this can cause strayers to be dragged in from the rear when the leaders get tired. To be on the safe side, horses that seem to win big may be visually flattered as the leaders go off really hard, and must be repelled during the next time-out.

These are the current recommendations for horse racing betting. Go and make an educated choice!