About HKT Speed Figures

Like Andy Beyer before he went public with his speed figures, you will be one of the only horse players in world with powerful HKT Speed Figures, and will have an unmatched level of insight into racing in Hong Kong.

With a natural dirt track and 2 firm turf courses that lend themselves to legitimate paces, Hong Kong racing is a perfect fit for speed analysis. Hong Kong Turf Speed Figures are built with a similar methodology and the mathematical rigor popularized by Beyer, Len Ragozin, and others in the USA. 

With the precision of timing data made available by the Hong Kong Jockey Club (HKJC), it is possible to develop more objective speed figures than in the US. Hong Kong Turf is the only provider of true American style speed figures for racing in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Turf Speed Figures account for the following factors:
  • The actual final time run by each horse
  • The daily configuration of the course
  • The daily track variant 

As with all handicapping factors, HKT Speed Figures are not a "magic bullet," and need to be evaluated in conjunction with the other powerful pieces of data you will find in HKT past performances. 

Here are some tips for applying HKT Speed Figures effectively:
  • Spotting a False Favorite - Use HKT speed figures to understand which favorites have a legitimate edge, and which merely have popular connections 
  • Tabbing Live Longshots - The most lucrative application of HKT Speed Figures. Use HKT Speed Figures to find live horses flying under the radar, waiting to blow up the tote board
  • Evaluating Form Cycles - Because of the importance of weight in the Hong Kong handicaps races, trainers will race their horses into peak form once receiving a favorable weight assignment. Use HKT Speed Figures to spot horses coming up to a peak effort